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Edwin Sim looks at how platforms are transforming business strategy.


Apple, Uber and Airbnb are overrunning incumbent product-push pipeline businesses by exploiting platforms and leveraging new rules of strategy.


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George was tired of being broke.


Every day was a struggle. "How will I pay my bills? I'm going deeper into debt. I can't afford to buy anything."


So George constantly worked on new ways to make money. "If I could invent a new can opener, all my money problems would be over. Maybe I could sell funny hats on the Internet. If I found some investors, I could open a new underwater restaurant."


George had tried a few ideas, such as manufacturing a razor blade that never got dull, building the world's largest tree swing and selling lamps made of salt. All his new ventures had failed. To survive, he had to work at McDonald's as an assistant manager.


George felt he should solve his money problems with new untried ideas. Unfortunately, unproven ideas are often wrong.



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The only value a person has is in how many people he can help.  A person’s bank account never determines ones value. – Meir Ezra


Meir is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and many others.


Finance is the subject of controlling or handling the money of an organization, country or individual.


Being able to use the laws of finance will ensure you will control money, and therefore, will have money.


While finance is a very important subject, it is a simple subject; and yet most people seem to have a lot of problems with controlling or handling money.


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“I believe life is what I make it to be, always has been and always will be” – the words of Meir Ezra, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Securant Inc. clearly establish the persona of one who has built and now running 24 companies that operate in 27 countries around the globe.


Dreams Unlimited:


Business Partner Tony Robbins describes Mr. Meir Ezra as a man who loves to dream and do things that have never been attempted before. Known for his ‘go get it’ attitude, the CEO of Securant Inc. hasyears of experience as an entrepreneur and multiple patents registered to his name.  The creative genius that he is, Meir Ezra is the creator of TimeMaker   Leadership Software, described as the most advanced management software in the market.


The Business Tycoon:


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